Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why a New Math Blog?

I started my teaching career as an English teacher.  I moved to teaching gifted English, then gifted enrichment, which covered a variety of subjects.  Although I have long been certified to teach high school math, I have never been called upon to teach it...till now.  This year, I will be coteaching an Algebra class, though it may move to me working with all the students who need extra help.  In addition, by some cosmic coincidence, my husband will be teaching eighth grade math at a different middle school.  He is a first year teacher with wonderful ideas, so I may bounce between things we end up doing in both classrooms, especially because mine may not end up very typical. And my younger son is taking Algebra this year, so we will be doing an interactive notebook.  (I may do one with my students as well, depending on how regular my group is.)

At the bottom of this blog is a list of useful math links.  I have visited numerous sites to gain inspiration, and as I begin to pull ideas, etc. from them, I will add them there.  The first one I have listed is Math=Love.  This is a fabulous site for classroom posters, interactive notebooks, and even ideas on how things can flow in a math classroom.  The major idea I have already borrowed was the ideas of different kinds of bellringers for the different days of the week.  My husband had ideas for a couple of different kinds of bellringers, but he wasn't sure whether he had enough of a single idea to use that throughout the year.  By making each day have a different theme, he can take it in several different directions.  We looked at the warmups she had used and played with his other ideas and ended up with 5 solid themes for his warmups.  But I will discuss these in my next post.

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